Clinical Research

Minet Green Health Practice is proud to work collaboratively with the Clinical Research Network (CRN), part of the National Institute for Healthcare Research (NIHR), which is the Research arm of the NHS. Our GP Research Lead is Dr Gilkes.

Clinical Research is vitally important to improve patient care, treatments and ultimately patients’ quality of life.

We support a range of Primary Care studies, which have all been approved by the NIHR, including a rigorous ethical approval process. We also invite any interested patients to sign up as volunteers for Covid-19 vaccine trials.

If you are a patient at Minet Green Health Practice, you may occasionally receive invitations to take part in a research study. Joining in a research study is completely voluntary.

However, if you do not wish to be contacted about research studies please contact the practice to complete an opt-out form.

To find out more information about clinical research studies please visit:

Below is information about a selection of the research studies that we are currently supporting.

PRINCIPLE – Covid treatment

The study is run by the University of Oxford. The study aims to find effective treatments for people with symptoms of COVID-19 in the community, in order to reduce the risk of complications and death. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 (such as a new continuous cough, high temperature or a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell) and have had them for less than 15 days, you may be able to take part in this study. You also need to be aged 65 years and over, or aged 50-64 with underlying health conditions. You can still take part if you have had a recent positive test for Covid-19 within the last 15 days and you still have symptoms.

If you fit the criteria above, you can sign up to the study directly at

For more information about the study and signing up, you can visit, or telephone the PRINCIPLE study team on 0800 138 0880.

You may also like to discuss whether to join the study with your family, friends or next of kin. If you do decide to join, they can also help you with taking part in the study.

SUMMIT – CT scans to find lung cancer early

The aims of the study are to detect lung cancer early using the proven method of low dose CT (LDCT) screening of at risk individuals and support the development of a new blood test for early detection of lung and other cancers. In addition, the study will provide evidence to inform a potential future national lung cancer screening programme. People aged 55 -77 who currently smoke or who have smoked regularly in the past are being invited to participate. To date over 11,500 patients in North and East London have received a lung health check and LDCT scan and over 300 referrals for suspected lung cancer have been made by the SUMMIT team to local hospitals. If you are eligible to participate in this study, you will receive an invitation letter with instructions on how to participate, so please do not contact the practice if you did not receive an invitation.

For further information on this, please see the Research Study Participation leaflet.

NITRATE TOD – Beetroot juice for blood pressure

This study is testing whether dietary supplementation of inorganic nitrate with 70ml of daily beetroot juice for 4 months can improve heart function and blood pressure. Eligible patients with high blood pressure that is not totally controlled will be invited for screening near Barbican and Farringdon stations. A 24-hour ABPM and an echocardiogram will be performed.

Participants will be compensated for their time and travel by the study team. There is on-site parking for those wishing to travel by car.

Please note that any eligible patients will receive an invitation letter with instructions on how to take part, so please do not contact the practice if you have not received an invitation.

OPTYC – PTSD treatment for young people and carers

A team of child psychologists from the NHS National and Specialist CAMHS and King’s College London, who specialise in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are recruiting for a new and timely research study, investigating the effectiveness of: Online PTSD Treatment for Young People and Carers (OPTYC).

You can take part if:

  • You are aged 12-17 years old
  • Your main problem is symptoms of PTSD after a single traumatic event
  • You can read English to a level that allows you to use the website and App
  • You have access to a smartphone or computer (e.g. laptop, desktop, computer, iPad) with internet access, in a private space

If you or someone you know might be suitable/interested, visit the website for more information and to make a self-referral:

Alternatively, to speak to a member of the OPTYC research team you can email or telephone 0207 848 0580.

Please contact the research team directly if you think you are eligible, NOT the Practice.