Practice Covid Vaccination update (1 April 2021)

If you are aged 50 or over or are classed as at high risk from the corona virus, and have not yet received your first dose of vaccine, please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment.

If you have already received your first dose of the Covid vaccine at the practice, we will contact you to arrange your second dose when you are due. This will normally be around 11 weeks after your first dose.

If you received your first dose at one of the large vaccination sites, they will contact you directly to arrange an appointment for your second dose. Please do not contact the practice unless it has been over 11 weeks since your first dose.

If you are aged 49 or under and are not classed as at high risk from corona virus, you are not currently eligible to receive the vaccine. Please wait to be contacted.

We apologise if you are receiving multiple SMS text invitations to have your vaccine. It is really important that everyone who is eligible to receive the vaccine is given the opportunity to attend and this can sometimes result in duplication.